Boss Nelson


by Boss Nelson & C.J. Vallee

Released 2016
Champ City Productions
Released 2016
Champ City Productions
New Hip Hop Urban Dance Music Released by Champ City Productions. Champ City Productions is one of the Hottest Production Teams coming from the Far North East ! Originating in South Shore Massachusetts this group of individuals is Hip Hop Reborn !
Champ City Productions is a independent Production company that pushes Hip Hop Back to it's Roots! At Champ City Productions we Focus on music that relates to individuals in the REAL WORLD..... We understand that TRUE Hip Hop Fans want More than just Drugs, Sex and Guns in their music... We put Soul, Passion, Happiness along with Pain into our music... We Want to see people do 2 things with our music... Zoning (as in riding the train with the beats locked inside headphones and the listener mentally relating to our Vibe or Dancing Wild and Free !!!! Check us out on the Social Media sites and everywhere Digital Music can be downloaded.............. Please Support Independent Artist who Provide "Real Hip Hop" over that Reality T.V. BullS#$%

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